Aweber vs Getresponse Review Autoresponders Comparison


Which autoresponder is best ? Aweber vs Getresponse Review

Review Autoresponders Comparison

Let me explain you what Aweber and Getresponse do.

They both deliver email marketing services like hosting for your mailing list,.
template tools for creating beautiful newsletters and sending emails to your list.
One of the best email marketing solutions they both offer is their autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a must have tool in our industry.
When created, it lets you automate the communication to your prospects and sends e-mail series in pre-defined intervals.

Check out this awesome infographic of Getresponse :

getresponse review

Let me show you an example i use:.

When someone subscribes to one of my offers, my autoresponder instantly delivers a simple welcome message to introduce myself.
On day 5 my autoresponder sends out another pre-set e-mail checking up if they had time to take a look at the offer.
On day 10 it sends out a message to have a look at my blog for more info about the offer they have opt-in for.
On day 15 i have scheduled an e-mail to follow me on social media.

Now, this is just one example of some of the standard features these email list management tools have,.
but now you have an idea what they can do for you and why you should use an auto responder.

Aweber Pricing versus Getresponse Pricing.

When we look at both pricing plans they have, you will find Get Response will be the overal winner.
Particularly when you are just beginning and have less than 1000 subscribers, you could save some money going with GetResponse.
Getresponse offers an annual discount, which is currently not offered at Aweber.

Here’s a comparison of their subscription plans (oct 2015):.

GetResponse Pricing :

– 1,000 subscribers: $15/ month (or $12.30 annual discount).
– 2,500 subscribers: $25/ month (or $20.50 annual discount).
– 5,000 subscribers: $45/ month (or $36.90 annual discount).
– 10,000 subscribers: $65/ month (or $53.30 annual discount).
– 25,000 subscribers: $145/ month (or $118.90 annual discount).
– 50,000 subscribers: $250/ month (or $205 annual discount).
– 100,000 subscribers: $450/ month (or $369 annual discount).
More than 100,000 subscribers: get a quotation at Getresponse.


– 500 subscribers: $19 per month.
– 2,500 subscribers: $29 per month.
– 5,000 subscribers: $49 per month.
– 10,000 subscribers: $69 per month.
– 25,000 subscribers: $149 per month.
More than 25,000 subscribers: get a quotation at Awebber.

Review Features Getresponse vs Aweber.

Both of these are great email marketing solutions, and both offer a wide selection of email marketing solutions.
Let’s check out at what key features they both offer you:.

– Capture all data you want (email, name, adress, phone, your own fields).
– Make your own capture pages.
– A variety of newsletter templates.
– Autoresponder capability which we talked about earlier in this post.
– All type of stats you will ever need to track and evaluate your e-mail lists and newsletters.
– Integration with third parties software.
– HTML5 responsive e-mail templates. Mobile friendly.
– Importing your existing email databases and mailinglist.
– A/B Split Testing.
– Make landing pages.
– Support.

Everything comes down to this.

Aside of some minor differences, both of these are excellent e-mail marketing services.
Getrespons has a minor advantage for being less costly, particularly when you go for the annual plan.
That, they both equally have all the features you will ever need.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people in our business and asked them which autoresponder they use.
Here’s what i’ve found out.
50 % getresponse vs 45 % aweber.
5 % use both of them. When i asked the reason why? They try out both systems to determine which works best.
Another thing the 5 % told me that for some reason they noticed that getresponse deliverability rates are slightly better.

Yes, everybody has it’s own favorite autoresponder for several personal reasons.

It all comes down to what you find best fit for your requirements or your business.

email marketing services

My advice: Aweber or Getresponse?

Both services have a free 30 days trial.
There is only one disadvantage about Aweber’s free trial.
When you want to join, you will need to enter your credit card details. Even for the free trial.

My advice is take them both for a test drive first and test out what email service you like best and then make up your mind.

Aweber vs getresponse review = YOUR CHOICE !

Use these links to access the trial versions:
Getrespons free trial for 30 days
Aweber trial for $1 first month


– Getresponse now also has a time-travel feature which sends emails based on the users local time zone.
– Getrespons released it’s new form builder.


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Great comparison over there! I had recently posted an article as well regarding these two Autoresponders comparison. You had mentioned about Integrations which I didn’t cover in my post. On the other hand, I personally think that the Time Travel feature from GetResponse is quite important to mention in the review as well.

  2. This is a comprehensive and logical overview of AWeber and GetResponse that is very useful. I have been using GTR for about 12 months or so and on the whole found the features useful. However, I was a victim of their “unprecedented scale DDoS attacks that flooded our network and data centre” back in April/May 2014 and was about to cancel my account and move on when I was given the option to accept their Landing Page service free for a year as compensation for my “inconvenience”. I took the offer and in truth, all has been well since.

    But I wondered, have you or your visitors experienced outage with Aweber or or providers?

  3. A great comparison of the two veterans of email marketing, Adrian.

    I have an account with both autoresponder services. I tend to prefer Aweber, but I think it is just because I started with it and I’m just more used to it.

    However, both companies offer a great service and are very easy to use, with an almost self explanatory user interface.

    The reason why I have an additional GetResponse account was to have buyers from JVZoo automatically added via API using single opt in. As Aweber allows this meanwhile too, it became obsolete.

    With the recent release of their marketing automation tool GetResponse made another great step forward.

    Although I just had a fast look at it, it seems to be much more powerful than Aweber’s campaigns which was released a while ago but lacks a lot of necessary functions.

    If I would get started now and had to decide between Aweber and GetResponse, I’d choose GetResponse, mainly because of their new automation tool.

  4. Great comparison over there! I had recently posted an article as well regarding these two Autoresponders comparison. You had mentioned about Integrations which I didn’t cover in my post. On the other hand, I personally think that the Time Travel feature from GetResponse is quite important to mention in the review as well.

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