Exit Strategy : How to create multiple streams of income online


Creating multiple streams of income is becoming a necessity.

One day i had a vision, or you could refer to it as a mind shift .
I already had a nice well paying profession, but i believed i could do much more.

So i started my own small business back in 2007 and opened a webshop.
I was selling collectible figurines, you know , similar to the smurfs and other cartoons.
So now i was generating some extra money, how amazing was that.

create multiple streams of income

3 months later, i started another webshop.
Totally different product this time. I was and still am a gadgets enthusiast .
I started offering gadgets/ toys/ gifts.

Today i manage 12 webshops with ease, it takes me around 1-2 hours a day,.
to process all orders, ship them, invoice them. That’s it.

Btw, if you would like to take a look at my webshops , please do so, but take note,.
i only ship inside of europe and although most webshops are also available in english,.
my webshop overview is in dutch.

It was my initial step to create multiple streams of income online.

That’s correct, without even thinking about it, i set up a second income stream.
It took me a couple of years to understand what i was really doing.
Back in 2012, i had my mind shift . I found out why i needed to have this 2nd income.

It was a crucial step to financially secure myself and my family just in case.
my main livelihood should cease to exist.
What if i got laid off ! What if i would loose my job and my primary source of income?

When it hit me, that’s. I was diversifying my sources of income.
I began looking for other multiple streams of income ideas.

multiple streams of income ideas

Do you still rely on only 1 income?

If you are like most people, you only have 1 income,.
it could be your working for an company and have a wage,.
or you already stepped up the ladder and you have your own company.

Both are great, but they also have one thing in common,.
you have an income as long as you work for your income.

If that income should disappear for some reason (getting fired , your company goes out of business,.. )
At that point, my friend, you have got a big problem, you don’t have any income.

passive income streams

You should to be diversifying your income streams.

The majority of people don’t think about their future too much, those are challenges for later.
By now you should already know that you need to build your future starting TODAY!
I want you to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET asap!

Let me tell you what your life looks like, correct me if i am wrong:.

Go to school – Get a job – Work your whole life – Retire at 65.

Now let me tell you a little story/quote i have read in one of Tony Robbins’ books.
Stick with me guys and don’t crawl on me if i don’t tell it the right way,.
because it has been a while since i have read the book.

multiple streams of internet income

It used to be very easy. You went to school, got a job, worked your whole life and retire.
Do you realize what retirement means? A promise you would get a neverending income as long as you lived.
This used to work for our grandparents and parents .

By now, you should understand, you can’t relyy on your retirement plan.
When the average life expectancy was 62, Retirement plans were invented. When you became 65, and you could retire.

Only a tiny percenage would benefit from their retirement plan.
Also, when they invented the retirement plan, there were like 40 working people for 1 person on retirement.
In 2010 this turned to 2,9 working people for 1 on retirement and by now the average life expectancy it up to 80 years!
Now, you could quite possibly live to be over 100 years old.

Now, do you see what’s the problem? How long is this going to work?
Think about it?
Do you currently assume you are going to benefit from your retirement plan?
Maybe, but how much is 1 divided by 2? Yes, half a retirement plan.
And what will that be really worth in 20-30-40 years if you are still alive?

Serious stuff guys .
Want to get your hands on the book ? Pick it up at a discount here

sources of passive income

If you live in the U.S.A, you should absolutely read his book: Money – Master the Game.
It will change your life! Trust me.

You also want to read the book if you live outside The U.S.A..
You may not apply all the things he talks about, but it will be a life changer, believe me.

Heck, just get the book and you are feeding 10 people …
Yeah, all the profits he makes selling the book, he is donating it to charity.
Ok, i need to stop babbling about how this guy shifted my life and do a blogpost about him.

My multiple streams of internet income.

Let’s get back to my story, you’ve seen how i created an additional income stream by starting an e-commerce business.
and how that transformed my perspective.
So i went on the internet searching for passive income opportunities.

What i found out, according to the internet, there are millions passive income ideas websites.
out there that promise you the passive income you always fantasized of.

If you were on a quest, just like me, you will know that 99,99 % of these programs will never ever.
make you rich or provide you with real sources of passive income.
You know the type of programs i’m talking about: paid to click, matrix, cyclers, bitcoin programs,.

I soon found out, this wasn’t what i was looking for, so i tried out another approach.

I began connecting to like minded people, people who already were in the.
online money making business and check out how they were making money on internet.

Now here’s the fascinating part,.
99,99 % of them were in the exact same 99,99 % of those get rich quick programs,.
and they didn’t make a great deal of money.
In fact, 99,99 % never made over $100/ month.

In my search for the best passive income streams i found the 0,01 %.

The most crucial lesson i’ve learned in my business, is you just got the keep searching ,.
persevere till you discover a solution. And i did.

I ran into a guy who told me about a local investment group, and things started rolling.
As i participated in this group of investors, a complete new world opened up to me.
Not only were these guys investing in stocks, they also introduced me into a whole bunch of other types of investments.

That was the starting point of my journey to diversifying my income streams.

Now i have multiple paycheques coming from my primary business e-commerce,.
my stock investments, my real-estate investments,.
my network marketing business, my direct sales,.
heck, i even make money driving traffic to my business.

I have more then doubled my old income as employee if you accumulate all these income streams.
So now, i have a more balanced income stream from different sources.
I don’t have to bother about loosing sleep over it if one of my income streams should suddenly vanish .
Simply because money is still rolling in.

The importance of passive income streams.

Securing independent sources of income is great, it’s a must have , but having passive income streams is even better.
You can set up tons of different ways to generate income, but as long as you have to trade your time.
for money, your income will cease when you stop working for it.

And that’s why it is so very important you should try to convert your income streams to.
passive income streams.

My exit strategy is easy, convert as many of my current income streams into passive income streams online.
Please provide feedback below if this blogpost inspired you or at least got your head spinning.

Enjoyed reading this blogpost about multiple streams of income online ? Do you have a plan for your exit strategy ?
Comment below, i would really like to know what income streams you already have in place .

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