Best Free URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shortening URLs


Looking for the best URL Shortener Sites ?

I’ll explain you in this url shortener review.
I’m even going to tell you a secret sneaky URL Shortener Sites i take advantage of that attracts extra leads, so keep reading.

What is a URL shortener?

URL shortening is a technique in which a URL may be made significantly much shorter in length and continue to direct to the required webpage.

How do url shorteners work?

The only thing you really need to do is to copy the complete URL of a web page and paste it into the URL shortening tool to create a short link.

Why do you need to use these URL Shortener Sites ?


When Twitter came around , URL Shortener Sites got really prominent.
In the world of Twitter, each and every character counts
and if you desired to tweet a very long url, there really was very little place left for any text message or brief description.
We wanted to shrink URL’s into a very short URL to have a maximum of characters left for our message.

Concealing your long (affiliate) link

A wonderful way to hide or hide your long (affiliate) link is to work with one of the URL Shortener Sites.
People don’t go out to your and simply go to by inputting it in by hand in the web browser .
Or just to keep it short and nice .

Another cool feature why you should use url shorteners is to keep track of your urls

Almost all of these url shortener services will even allow you to monitor the number of visits with analytic tools, when you shorten your website with their tools.
if you post a long URL you won’t be able to track real-time activity with it or clicks.
but when you shorten a URL you’ll be capable to track click-through rates or even track where they are clicking from.

Top List Best URL Shortener Sites (Bitly) is still one of the most common implemented url shorteners, founded in 2008.
A incredibly stable free service used by millions monthly. They also offer a branded url shortener. And tracking is confidential. (Google)

Google jumped the boot with their url shortener service:  google shorten url.
Main benefits for using this url shrinker, may be that people place confidence in the Google branded url shortener a lot a lot more than other types of shorteners.
Main negative aspect, everyone can check out the stats of the short url.

google url shortener (Hootsuite)

If you are currently using Hootsuite Social Media Tools , Hootsuite’s built in URL shortener is great.
It’s totally integrated with its system and extremely efficient for tracking things. (Twitter)

Twitter also has it’s own personal built-in shortener. Links shared on will conveniently be shortened to a link.
Awesome fact: is one of the top 100 web sites in the world.

You also want to browse through this Complete List url shorteners– >
You will most likely see a lot of unusual URL Shortener Sites in this list 🙂

Extra url shortener tips

Cool trick.

Ever would like to uncover where short links will take you without having to visit them in the first place?
There are also services to diffuse a short url back into the original url.
The one i commonly tend to work with is

WordPress plugin Pretty Link.

As a blogger using wordpress, there is an excellent plugin titled Pretty Link.
It’s kind of your very own branded url shortener you can use. Just like the other shorteners, you are able to replace a long url and produce your own short url.

how url shorteners work

As you are able to spot in the picture, very simple to use. Just put the long url in, and select a short url.
Any time somebody types in, they will be forwarded to the long url .
ok, not a really long url in this situation :-), but you get the idea.

I make use of this plugin to track everything. If someone visits my signature link in my newsletter, that click will show up in my tracking results.

best url shorteners

If you own your personal hosted wordpress blog, be sure to add this plugin.

And finally, my absolute favorite url shortener

As far as most URL Shortener Sites are fabulous for their basic needs, having a short web site link ,.
i stumbled upon my absolute personal favorite just two weeks ago.  .

Not only do i get a sweet short url that camouflages my long link, and i get to monitor the number of hits,.
it also let’s me hook up a call-to-action to each and every link i share.
For every article i want to share on Facebook or Twitter, i copy the article link in my account.
and share the link as an alternative. Click here to see it in action with an article i shared.

url shortener sites

short link

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  1. Google, owly and tco are actually really bad places to shorten URLs. They don’t allow you to own or customize your links and you really don’t have too many advanced features, except for decent analytics on Google. You can’t even customize the URL slug!

    PrettyLink is a great plugin, but really only works if you have a handful of links to create once, and are done. It’s impractical for using on a daily basis to say, shorten for social media posts, or something like that.

    If I were to recommend any of these tools, I’d recommend Bitly, but then you are stuck using bit(dot)ly as your URL shortener domain, your links are all public, and you only have tracking for 30 days… Which is why I’d recommend checking out instead. They make it super easy to connect a branded domain, they let you have complete control over your links, and they have built-in features like UTM parameter building, and link retargeting. It’s pretty powerful.

    • networkmarketingtoolspro 2016-09-12 @ 2:30 PM

      Hey, tnx for the feedback. Much appreciated. Are you associated to rebrandly ?

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